Monday, 31 October 2016

Attention Stray Cat Carers in Malta & Gozo: New animal hospital opens at Ta’ Qali

Veterinary hospital opens at Ta’ Qali will be open 24 hours a day, strays to be treated for free while animal NGOs will benefit from 25% discount

Malta Today, 30 October 2016: "A new veterinary hospital was opened at Ta’ Qali today, replacing the St Francis animal centre which was closed for the past few months.

The APH Veterinary Hospital, which was inaugurated today by Prime Minister Joseph Muscat, is a joint venture between the government and the private sector.

The hospital will be open round the clock, and also houses operating theatres which will be dedicated for soft-issue surgeries and orthopaedic procedures.

Roderick Galdes, the parliamentary secretary for animal welfare, said that strays would be treated for free, and the hospital is also licensed to provide long-term treatment to animals. He said the facility met European standards and was the best not just in Malta, but also in the region.

As a result, the hospital is expected to attract business from Sicily and will market its services in the South of Italy. Kevin Attard, one of the owners of this hospital, said that animal rights’ NGOs could benefit from a 25% discount, while in addition, MCAST students will be taught at the hospital."
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Wednesday, 19 October 2016

What do Japanese Reporter Miss Ayako Imoto and Chicken have in common?

Cats !! Malta welcomed Miss Imoto Ayako (イモトアヤコ) and her TV team on Nippon TV mid September 2016 for the shooting of scenes for an upcoming episode (16 October 2016) of the popular Japanese TV show "ItteQ". Besides diving at a tuna fish farm, making it up a greasy ramp in Spinola Bay, other fun activities, and showing the highlights of the Island of Malta, Imoto-san followed the meows of the 350,000 stray and feline cats that live on our islands. As strays are very shy by nature and the time for the shooting was very short, we helped arranging for a visit to the C.S.A.F. cat shelter in Cospicua.

Doris Zarb, Founder of the CSAF Shelter, preparing for the shooting.

Nippon TV is a main Japanese private broadcaster and best known for its very popular Japanese entertainment show: “ItteQ - Let’s Challenge the World”, which airs every Sunday evening and reaches almost 20 million viewers (20% share) in Japan. Some episode make it even to other Asian countries. For ItteQ some very famous reporters travel around the globe to show different cultures and arts, new inventions, habits and sights, always with a funny touch that makes the program loved by all age groups.

So here she comes, Imoto-san, in her typical show appearance:
Miss Imoto (イモトアヤコ) entering the shelter, followed by her assistant and camera men filming.

Imoto-san wanted to shoot a scene with her among many many many cats. But first, how do you attract feral cats - even though in a shelter - altogether? With fresh chicken ! See for yourself...

And the work begins, shooting the scenes. Imoto-san now disguised as a large ginger cat :) 
(more impressions once the episode has aired in Japan)
Imoto-san, Doris Zarb and a camera man checking out a possible scene.

Domo arigato, Imoto-san, say Gabriele and Alexander, for stopping by at the CSAF Cat Shelter in Malta and for taking impressions and scenes back to Japan to an audience of 20 million TV viewers for your popular program ItteQ. (aired 16 October 2016 prime time)
And we made Imoto-san try the famous Maltese pastizzi (ricotta)

Please support the CSAF Cat Shelter and its ca. 250 abandoned and feral felines. This NGO covers the daily costs in the range of 200-300 Euro for food, litter, medicine, neutering (EUR 45 per cat), water, electricity and run by volunteers, almost completely through donations. Send your contribution via PayPal to . Grazzi hafna !!

Thursday, 13 October 2016

For stray cats, the most humane options are also the most effective ones (via WP)

Washington Post 7 October 2016: "Regarding “Pet peeves: In a scathing new book, two bird lovers put the ‘cat’ in catastrophe,” the Sept. 20 Health & Science review of “Cat Wars: The Devastating Consequences of a Cuddly Killer”:

The book repeated myths about cats that were discredited years ago.

The authors of “Cat Wars” make no secret that killing millions of cats is their goal. Eighty percent of Americans believe that it’s more humane to leave a stray cat outside than to catch and kill her. This country will never accept large-scale killing of outdoor cats. Mass killing doesn’t work ; populations rebound quickly. Cities and counties have spent millions of taxpayer dollars on catch-and-kill efforts for decades. Trap-neuter-return programs do work. Adopted by more than 600 communities (and counting), they humanely stop the breeding cycle and have been scientifically proved to decrease the size of colonies over time.

As more people realize it, they’re seeing that the most humane options are also the most effective ones." »original post

Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Islands of Cats - Printed Photo-Story Book Coming Soon !

A real Maltese Cat munches "pastizzi tal-ricotta"

After a long hot summer in Malta, it's time for an update on the book "Islands of Cats". During this creative break, however, we managed to secure enough funds to enter the next phase: to print the book!

We are currently adapting the layout to match a 21x21cm hardcover book, which will be available in book stores in Malta, and world-wide through our publishing company Seven Beland and other other online outlets. Target date is the launch during the Malta Book Festival, 9-13 November 2016 in Valletta.

Stay tuned!
Alex  ^..^  Gabi

PS: For those who can't wait to see the 220+ colourful photographs of stray cats in Malta and Gozo and read about the valuable work of stray cat carers in our country, it's available as high-resolution pdf-ebook on and Amazon Kindle, and readable on any device like desktop, notebook, table and smartphone. English, Deutsch, Malti ...