Saturday, 24 February 2018

Saturday, 9 December 2017

Islands of Cats: 20% Year-End Discount

Available only through the authors: we are offering a 20% year-end discount on the hardcover edition, on Amazon Kindle worldwide, on the e-book (PDF) and gift voucher - just in time for Christmas!

Sold at €14.99 plus €12 shipping costs within Europe until yesterday, you can now buy this colourful, informative photo-story book for €11.98 plus €10 shipping within Europe. And for orders to Switzerland and Liechtenstein we'll ship for free. » more in our Shop

Merry Christmas and prosperous 2018!

Saturday, 11 November 2017

Simon's Cat Logic: Are Black Cats Unlucky?

Definitely a topic around recent Halloween, but there are a lot of opinions around about black cats. Here's some insight from the Simon's Cat team ...


We think, black cats are magical ;)
That's why the book 'Islands of Cats' has a nice factsheet about black cats on page 54:

Wednesday, 7 June 2017

Amsterdam’s Floating Sanctuary for Cats

The Cat Boat is one of Amsterdam’s most peculiar and odd attractions. It’s basically a sanctuary for cats, but what makes it special is that the rescued cats all live aboard a quaint little houseboat which bobs along the Herengracht canal.

The Cat Boat at its moorings in Amsterdam.

Although it wasn’t intended initially to be a tourist attraction, Cat Boat regularly receives about 4,500 visitors a year, most of whom are tourists who just so happen to be missing their own cats while on vacation! Please read on ...

Monday, 5 June 2017

Looking for a great summer read and travel guide ?

Attention expat cat-lovers and travellers:

We have just made Islands of Cats available in all three language versions on

Get your own copy of this socio-relevant publication of the amazing work of the stray cat carers of the Maltese Islands, and read about this popular travel destination in the heart of the Mediterranean, which is well worth a trip - not just for the stray cats.

More about Malta:

Thursday, 13 April 2017

We are moving ...

After four and a half years living and working in Malta, Islands of Cats' author Alexander Johnson and the book's photographer and designer Gabriele Ruttloff-Bauer will be moving their domicile back to Switzerland beginning of May 2017 to immerse into new projects.

But we'll not be cutting the ropes to the Maltese Islands and just sail away. Our books will still be in the shops in Malta and Gozo, and we will be visiting frequently family and friends. We will continue to blog about stray cats and donate part of the proceeds of each book sold in aid of neutering and spaying of stray cats in Malta and Gozo, contributing to Happy Paws Malta's free neutering program.

We would like to express our gratitude to all the wonderful men and women we met during our project research and to everybody who so generously contributed to the making of "Islands of Cats". We sincerely hope that the selfless work of the many stray cat carers in the Maltese Islands will gain more public awareness, respect and support. Saħħa !

Thursday, 30 March 2017

Islands of Cats - Easter Blitz

To all Animal Lovers and Supporters of Stray and Abandoned Cats

Purchase your copy of the 'Islands of Cats' Hardcopy Photostory-Book in English, German or Maltese before Easter directly from the Authors at these prices including shipping:

Shipping to Easter
small flaws
on cover
Malta, Gozo129
 € 20.35
€ 27.34

How to order: 

This Easter Blitz special is valid for any order received by email latest on April 13th, 2017.

Step 1: Simply send us an email to publishing[at]* stating:
* replace [at] with @
  • first and last name of the recipient
  • telephone number
  • full delivery address including country
  • which language and whether full or reduced*
    * limited availability
  • we will confirm receipt of your order by email
Step: 2: Payment by credit card (PayPal*) or bank transfer:
* no PayPal account required
Step 3: Shipment:
PS: From each book sold we will donate some of the proceeds in aid of neutering and spaying of stray and abandoned cats in the Maltese Islands.