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Alexander Johnson

Gabriele Ruttloff-Bauer
Idea, AuthorPhotographer, Design

London born Alexander Johnson has, due to his Maltese mother, had a lifelong affinity with the Maltese archipelago. Over the years Alexander has lived several times on his beloved Islands, first as a small child with his maternal grandparents, and later again as a young man. He is no stranger to the Islands’ culture and language.

To escape Northern Europe’s cold weather, Alexander decided to make sunny Malta his primary home. While driving around the Islands in search of a new abode, he often observed feral cats being fed. Wondering who was attending to the cats, he began to talk to the caregivers. He discovered that there are many cat-carers on the Islands, quietly watching over their feline co-citizens. Alexander decided, together with Gabriele, to take a photographic journey through the beautiful Maltese Islands, highlighting the devoted carers and their colonies.

Parallel to a career in catering, Alexander has written the libretto, script and lyrics to a critically acclaimed musical STORM. In 2016 he continues to work on his first novel and a book of short stories.

With a focus on detail, and a talent to present objects and products in the right angle, Gabriele accepted the challenge to capture stray cat carers and their capricious protégés of the Maltese Islands on digital celluloid. A passionate amateur photographer since the days of the Agfa box, she finally got herself a Canon EOS 700D, and started to hunt for motifs.

In her parallel life, Gabriele looks back at a well-travelled career as manager in airline and corporate travel, with considerable streaks of marketing, social media, and digital distribution. On the artistic side, Gabriele co-produced the musical STORM in 2009, and is accounted for promotional campaigns and artwork design for several international, independent bands and musicians. The Swiss citizen with roots in Germany made Malta her second home in autumn 2012.

And as a note on the side - cats rank very high in Gabriele’s portfolio of allergies. But then, who can resist their purrrrs.

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