Sunday 5 September 2021

Malta & Gozo - Islands of Cats with new Book Cover

To better illustrate the true purpose of 'Malta & Gozo - Islands of Cats', we have created a new book cover for the print-on-demand paperback as well as the Kindle/Ebook edition. 

The new cover shows one of our own photographs of Valletta and Upper Barrakka across the Grand Harbour from a position at the end of the pier Xatt Il-Forn at the Vittoriosa Yacht Marina, putting the picturesque watch tower perched on top of Fort St. Angelo's bastion into perspective. 

We also posted the cut-out from a shot of a cat colony being fed prominently into the center of the book cover, supported by the book's sub-title 'The Humble Stray Cat Carers of the Maltese Islands'. We hope you like it.

The hardcover edition still comes with Maltese sculptor Matthew Pandolfino's statue in its original look from 2015/2016. If you prefer this colourful, elegant edition, hurry, it will not be reprinted.

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