How to Get Your Personal Copy of 'Islands of Cats':
» Hardcover from the Authors*: Seven Beland Publishing (see below)
» Hardcover in Malta: BDL Books (English, Maltese), Book Stores in Malta
» Hardcover through Amazon: Amazon UK,  Amazon DE,  Amazon.IT
» E-Book: on Lulu.com, Amazon Kindle and Gumroad
» Gift Voucher: click here
* Clients with delivery addresses in the Maltese Islands buy from BDL Books

Whether EnglishGerman or Maltese, or wherever on this planet you are - purchase your personal hardcover copy of 'Islands of Cats' directly from the authors* (Seven Beland Publishing). Conveniently pay with your credit or debit card through PayPal. No PayPal account required, just select your book's language.
* Clients with delivery addresses in the Maltese Islands buy from BDL Books
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  • Kindle version English and German (no Maltese) on all Amazon stores worldwide now
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Our e-books have been designed as high-resolution, static PDF to allow maximum visual enjoyment on colour tablets.

Part of the proceeds of each book sold will be donated in aid of neutering and spaying of stray and feral cats in the Maltese Islands.