Friday 8 April 2016

Trap-neuter-release works

Keys Info Net 31 March 2016:  Regarding Duff Smith's letter to the editor. 
Cats are not the problem. Never have been, nor will they ever be. Citizens abandoning and discarding these sentient creatures as garbage into the wild are the problem.

Rather than emphasizing an “accelerated killing program” for these innocent animals, perhaps a determined and collaborative mode of policing can apprehend and punish the guilty parties, which have chosen to recklessly abandon and cast away their cats into our extended community. Senselessly killing a beautiful creation because of its owner's negligence, is cruel and barbaric.   

We are in agreement, cats are best cared for when living indoors or under the supervision of their owners. However, what shall be done with those that have been released to roam outdoors, or those beaten to near death and deposited into a dumpster; after they've been taken into a cat colony and are now living a healthy and fruitful life under the supervision of a loving and dedicated caretaker?

Shall these innocent creatures be rounded up and killed, because of the sins and malfeasance of their previous owners; after they've been adopted and shown kindness by their present caregivers for an extended period of time (In one case, a 17-year relationship with the oldest cat)? Shall the supervisors of these colonies providing this service, at no cost to the taxpayer, on.

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