We are happy to have won Petnutrition Ltd, Qormi, Malta, for a contribution towards the printing costs of the first hardcover edition. Since 1997, Petnutrition's main objective has been to develop a unique range of healthy foods for cats and dogs to provide nutrition that takes them back to their natural way of feeding with a complete food that is true and honest.

Transcripta Translation Services Ltd, based in Valletta and one of the leading translation agencies in Malta, offered a considerable discount on the translation of the 20'000 words from English to Maltese. We are delighted to have Transcripta as one of our sponsors.

Early in 2016, we had also started a crowdfunding campaign in support of the production costs for the first edition of Islands of Cats. We would like to express our gratitude to these persons for their generous contributions:

  • Karl Freedman, India
  • Malachy McCauley, UK
  • Ajas Kulici, Switzerland
  • Efisio Contini, Switzerland
  • Sherri Voigt, USA
  • Luca Calasso, Switzerland 
  • Ursula Kumstel, Germany
  • Carl F. Pfaffinger, Austria/Malta
  • Silvia Kuert, Switzerland
  • Birgit van der Leeden, Romania/Germany
  • Mark Chetcuti, Malta
  • Claire Lloyd, Switzerland
  • Jules Troxler, Switzerland
  • Gerd Leonhard, Switzerland
  • Yuan-Yuan Sun, Switzerland
  • Manfred Bischof, Switzerland
  • RenĂ©e Provost, Switzerland
  • Giuseppe Dell'Oro, Switzerland
  • A Friend, Germany
  • Peter Plan, Switzerland
  • Michael & Yvonne Kubli, Switzerland 
  • Floris Bloemendaal, The Netherlands
  • Uwe Kuschel, Switzerland

status 24 September 2016