Sunday 7 February 2016

Turkish man jailed for rape attempt prevented by ‘heroic’ cat

Daily News 6 February 2016: A Diyarbakır court has sentenced a potential rapist to 7.5 years in jail after his attempt to assault his 18-year-old aunt was prevented by the woman’s “heroic” cat.

The woman, identified only by the initials H.T., avoided an attempted rape by her sister’s son-in-law in 2014 after her cat named “Minnoş” lunged at the 20-year-old attacker, identified only by the initials S.B.

“I was faced with a villain, a pervert. He could have killed me but my cat saved my life by attacking him. [Minnoş] is my hero,” H.T. told reporters.

She said her husband had given the cat to her as a gift three years ago and added they are like a family now.

“People say cats are ungrateful. But in fact it is people who are ungrateful. Animals are loyal. Minnoş sees me as her mother. She is worth the world to me and she will always be with us,” H.T. added.

The woman’s lawyer, Deniz Emine Kayar, stressed that the rape attempt failed only because Minnoş was there to attack the more.

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