Tuesday 15 March 2016

Cats Possess Personality Traits Similar To Humans, Study Finds

Parent Herald 13 March 2016: A group of Australian scientists claimed that cats are just like humans. They discovered that felines possess personality traits that are remarkably alike to their owners.

The Daily Telegraph reported that the researchers formulated their conclusions by conducting almost 3,000 cat personality tests. They also partnered with psychologists to generate more reliable findings.
The researchers utilized a personality test questionnaire that was originally formulated outside Australia and used on both domestic cats and captive wildcats on shelters. It was the first time that the test was applied to a huge a number of domestic cats.

"People are fascinated by cats, they have really intriguing personalities," Dr. Philip Roetman, lead researcher, told The Advertiser. "From a research perspective, it's really interesting to...read on.

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