Thursday 5 May 2016

Woodson: Don't underestimate the power of cats

Farmington Daily Times 3 May 2016: "Recently, sitting in a soft chair at home doing a little reading, I looked to my right and there perched above me were our two munchkin cats — Lilly and Sissy. I had a distinct realization of contentment and pleasure by their persistent company. They follow my wife and me around and are intertwined with our daily routine. Cats love the "status quo."

If you are not a cat person yet — meaning that one special cat out there hasn’t made his or her life choice to choose you and convert you — just wait. A relationship with a cat literally can change your life and health.

Personal trainer, psychologist, doctor — did you know your cat is a multi-faceted professional? He doesn’t need years of schooling to help you get into shape, be happier about your life and have better physical health. It is a talent that comes naturally to animals. So are you harnessing the healing powers of..." read on.

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