Sunday 3 July 2016

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Feeding time at a stray cat colony in Swieqi, Malta - photo © 2016 Islands of Cats

Last week, Malta welcomed 500 veterinary surgeons for the annual ISFM European Feline Congress, which takes place in different European destinations. In his report on on July 3rd Times of Malta online, Dr Martin Debattista writes:

"If you are a cat owner, breeder, cattery operator or a stray cat feeder and you like to stay updated with what is happening in world cat health, I strongly recommend that you check out the website run by the International Cat Care – which is available at

Whether you are a dedicated cat carer, feline breeder or simply a cat owner interested in matters relating to cat health, you will be able to read about several feline conditions worth knowing about.

The website also provides valuable advice as to how best work together with your veterinarian in the treatment and care needed by your cat. You can also sign up for a free monthly e-magazine."

Another interesting note was that due to a busier lifestyle, more pet owners seem to turn to cats rather than dogs. Click here to read full article.

Today, the cat is the #1 favourite pet. iCatCare is a good resource for many topics around cats, pet and stray alike.

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