Wednesday 13 July 2016

Love and Devotion: Sugar - the Paralysed Cat

photograph ©2016 Islands of Cats
Doris, the founder of the cat sanctuary "C.S.A.F. - Carers of Stray and Abandoned Felines" in Cospicua, Malta, and her team are lovingly caring for «Sugar» for ten years.

The tomcat fell off a balcony some seven years ago, leaving him all paralysed from head down. Euthanising was no option for Doris' sweetheart. With the help of the volunteers at the Sanctuary - and the other 250 cats - Sugar enjoys being cared for in the cat shelter.

Sugar resides in a comfortable basket or baby seat, being moved, fed and cleansed daily by the volunteer carers. He receives veterinary care whenever needed, and on July 11, 2016, the CSAF posted on Facebook:

photograph courtesy C.S.A.F.

Our precious and beloved Sugar, a paralyzed cat that has been under our care for the last 10 years, has had to have his teeth taken out as they got all rotten. He is now doing a slow recovery at the sanctuary...

Sugar not only gets a lot of attention from the carers, but also from several fellow-cats, some of them often stopping by to cuddle with him in his basket during the night. Sugar might be paralysed, but he is totally aware of what is going on around him. A wonderful example of what love and devotion can do. Blessings to lil' Sugar and to everybody so patiently looking after him.

photograph ©2016 Islands of Cats

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