Tuesday 17 January 2017

We can learn from people who help stray animals to survive cold winter (via inUth)

A blog post we find well worth sharing, found on inUth India a few days ago:

"These tiny tales of people coming out to help stray animals survive the chilling winters will warm the coldest hearts. Faith in humanity restored!

While you snuggle under your blanket to keep yourself warm during the harsh winters, hundreds of stray animals desperately look for cover to survive the cold waves.

It is totally understandable that it is not possible to bring all the stray animals home during winters. However, you can still make small efforts that will make a big difference in the lives these homeless cats and dogs. These people are doing the sweetest thing they can to help these stray animals stay warm during the chilling winters.

With Turkey experiencing one of its coldest winters, some people have made deliberate efforts to help the stray dogs withstand the snow storm. Amid the freezing weather conditions, people in Istanbul are..." read on.

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