Saturday 11 March 2017

Humans are the problems, not the feral cats! (via HuffPost)

Feral cat by the sea © Gabriele Ruttloff-Bauer

Found on the Huffington Post, an article by Julia Orr 5 March 2017: "Humans hate to take responsibility for our actions especially when it comes to the fallout of those actions surrounding domesticated companion animals. In the case of feral cats, this is doubly so. Humans domesticated the cat, humans abandon their cats, and humans fail to spay and neuter their cats. And, when a cat is abandoned and not fixed they populate ..amazing I know but true. Then, humans blame the cats for their predicament. It’s the cat’s fault it became domesticated, it’s the cat’s fault it got abandoned, and it’s the cat’s fault she gets pregnant, cos little Johnny Cat just refused to use that kitty condom. Sound ridiculous? Well, it is about as ridiculous as hating cats because they suddenly find themselves abandoned and alone. Abandoned unfixed cats, breed and for some, soon become a “feral cat problem.” Although, personally I don’t see a “feral cat problem” only a “human problem.”

Every now and again someone reveals their ugly selves online, and this is true of Sam Wood. Wood is a hunter from Wisconsin who is an unapologetic cat killer. He is not a stupid man as he’s now rephrasing his initial abusive vitriol to one of him “helping” the environment because he’s another..." » read on.

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