Tuesday 4 May 2021

'Islands of Cats' becomes 'Malta & Gozo - Islands of Cats'

With the pandemic allowing for some more freedom of travel during the months to come, we decided to precede the title of our book by 'Malta & Gozo'. This photo-story book not only talks about the work of the many volunteer cat carers in the Maltese Islands, but also about the country, locations and its history, all topics of interest among the travel community. And after all, the many good looking stray cats are a loved by many tourists as well.

A 'print-on-demand' paperback edition is in preparation and will be available on Amazon soon - in English and German. 

The Maltese language is still not supported by Amazon, even though we presented several good reasons to include Maltese, compared to some other languages supported that aim for much less numbers of readers. 

For Maltese readers, 'Malta & Gozo - Il-G┼╝ejjer tal-Qtates' is available as hardcover, best to be ordered through our worldwide-delivering web site or as PDF through the platform Gumroad.

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