Monday 29 February 2016

Cool Initiative: Cats won’t wear condoms - get your cat fixed 28 February 2016:When it comes to having safe sex, count cats out. That’s the message the Port Colborne Feline Initiative wants you to know.

The organization launched a new T-shirt design Friday at the Port Colborne fire hall. The shirt was created to bring awareness to spay and neuter importance and programs. The front of the shirt reads “Cats won’t wear condoms, fix your cat.” Kristi Vogel of the Port Colborne Feline Initiative said the organization chose this slogan because it was provocative and eye-catching. She said it also gets the message across in a fun way.
For Vogel it is important to get cats fixed because the community is dealing with a large cat population. There are many strays in the city. The feline initiative is trying to help. “I think it is the right thing to do on so many different levels. It helps the community to have less cats roaming around, less cats ending up at the shelter, and it is just better on.

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