Wednesday 2 March 2016

Animal Matters: Not all feral cats are wild

Frankie was thought to be a feral but he was so
tame he was able to find a loving home.
The News Herald (US) 1 March 2016: Feral cats are not given a chance when they are taken to most Animal Control facilities. They are killed almost immediately and never considered for release and/or adoption. Feral cats are domestic cats. They have the same bloodlines as their tamer relatives. In fact, many of them are the offspring of the pet your neighbors tossed out when they moved away.

Unprotected, un-neutered, this previously protected cat adds to the birthrate and produces kittens that are not used to a human touch. Many of the cats that are deemed feral and automatically killed at Animal Control facilities throughout the world are not feral. Countless numbers are so frightened that they cringe from human contact when taken to Animal Control because of the scary noises and scents: loud barking dogs, wailing cat cries, and the horrible smell of fear. These kitties are automatically deemed feral and aren’t even offered to any group or individual for rescue. Most aren’t kept alive long enough for observation to determine whether they on.

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