Thursday 12 May 2016

Japan Saves Native Rabbits by Neutering Thousands of Cats (via Catster)

To protect the Amami rabbit, a "living fossil," Japanese officials are using TNR rather than mass killing. Other nations should take notice. 

Catster 11 May 2016: "Japan really loves its cats. This makes managing stray overpopulation in ecologically vulnerable areas a challenge, at least if you believe it should be done in a way that doesn’t involve cruelty to animals. Other nations, including Australia and New Zealand, take a horrific and merciless approach with “culling” that often uses brutal tactics such as trapping and mass poisoning, even though these methods often have unintended consequences. For Japan, these options were a nonstarter when looking at how to protect the fragile Amami rabbits of Tokunoshima island, so the nation devised a better..." read on.

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