Saturday 14 May 2016

What’s Your Cat’s Tail Telling You?

Photograph © Islands of Cats
Huffpost Healthy Living 10 May 2016: "Some say cats are inscrutable. While that may be true, here are a few tips to help you interpret signals your kitty’s tail can reveal:

Tail standing straight up and quivering 
If you’ve spent much time watching your cat, you’ve seen it — a tail that stands straight up and quivers. This is a sign your feline is feeling fine and experiencing anticipation, pleasure, or excitement. You may notice this when he’s caught a mouse, or hears the familiar sound of the can opener humming, meaning dinner’s on the way.

Straight up tail 
A cat who’s feeling confident, comfortable, and content holds his tail high and straight. Tall tail with a question mark You may notice your cat’s tail standing tall with..." read on.

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