Wednesday 8 February 2017

Islands of Cats at the 64th and 65th International Cat Show in Smart City Malta, February 11 and 12, 2017

This weekend, February 11 and 12, animal lovers will enjoy the 64th and 65th International Cat Show in Smart City in Malta. "A wide variety of breeds will be on display, including Bengals, Devon Rex, Himalayans, Maine coons, Persians, Sphynx and also household cats." the Times of Malta wrote last Friday in an article announcing the show.

at the 2016 World Cat Show
With more than 350,000 stray and feral cats in Malta and Gozo, our small, sea-locked nation also dedicates a lot of love, time and money in caring for the less privileged felines. The 2016 released photostory-book "Islands of Cats" introduces a representative 22 of the over 1,000 individuals devotedly looking after stray cats in the streets, in cat colonies and in stray shelters on a daily basis. The hardcover book comes with 258 colourful photographs on 128 pages, with interviews, stories, cat facts, it introduces places of interest in our islands, and all of it before the backdrop of mediterranean beauty, in English, Maltese and German. Meet author Alexander Johnson at the Petnutrition House Stand, and get your personal copy of Islands of cats signed.

» MFGC's 64th and 65th International Cat Show
» Islands of Cats at the World Cat Show, Malta, December 2016

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